Kumi Koda pulls a "Trick"

Kumi Koda's 'Trick' album cover [CD only version] Kumi Koda's 'Trick' album cover [CD & 2xDVD version]

Kumi Koda will be releasing yet another new album next year. This chick puts out a new album every year without fail! This is supposed to be her comeback album after her suspension fiasco earlier this year. But I don't see how, considering that she was barely away from the limelight and the next single she'd put out after the debacle went #1. So I wouldn't constitue her next album as a comeback. Bitch never left the game at all...she saturated it even in the midst of her down time!

Her new album is titled Trick and will be released on January 28, releasing in 2 formats: CD only and CD with 2 bonus DVD's featuring music videos and live performances. Continuing to keep up to date on what's popular in the west, Kumi goes for the whole circus and magician theme. She probably caught wind of Britney Spears' Circus album, along with P!nk's Funhouse and decided to put a spin on the idea. The CD only album cover on the left looks a tad cheap (just like her), but I think it's the better of the 2 covers. It ties in better with the album title and she actually does look really nice. It's a look that works well for her. It's a shame she didn't go more conceptual for the album and sport that look in a music video or performance.

I like Kumi Koda as a package, but her music is hit and miss. Her music never seems to evolve or change. She keeps milking the same old sounds, the same old musical cliche's and tries to hard to mimic US R&B and Pop records. She's at a stand still musically. I will be checking out her new album though and you can expect a review of it when I do.

You can listen to clips of her Trick album at her official website. The only song out of the lot that I think sounds decent is "Driving". The song sounds hot and I can't wait to hear it in full.

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