Music video: Beyoncé - Halo

"Halo" is one of my favourite songs from I am... Sasha Fierce. But this video is some bull shit. I absolutely hated it. It was boring, badly shot and was so cheesy I could smell the mature cheddar on Beyoncé's breath through my monitor. Awful. This has to be one of the worst video Beyoncé's done. Yes. It's even worse than "Deja vu" and "Ring the alarm". The video was going for that low key natural vibe, but the video felt anything but natural. It was like too much of a conscious effort was being made to have the video have that serene and natural vibe.

I like Beyoncé when she's thrashing her back comed weave like she's possessed, popping her pussy, slapping her jelly and brandishing her gold glove around. But with that said, she did that shit for the "Diva" video and the result was no better. Still, at least I managed to sit through that video.

I know Beyoncé and Jay-Z be against public displays of affection and showing even a hint of the fact they're an item. But I think he really should've been in this video. Or that there should've been some reference to him in the video.

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  1. I like the song, and Beyonce does a really good job, but I would have loved to hear Leona sing this. She would have killed all those high notes!

    As for the video, there's not much to say about it. It's just kinda...there.

  2. the song is HOT. nothing bad to say about it. I would have prefered another simple video for it. The only part that I did like in it, was when she was in the water... lol
    Maybe if it was JayZ instead of that dude..I would have think differently


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