Music video: Brandy - Long distance

A really nice video and Brandy looked beautiful. The special effects were really well done too. I loved the scenes of Brandy and the wall in flames, and the rain bringing the video into colour. I think this is one of Brandy's better videos. I really enjoyed it and it matched the song well. A definite upgrade from "Right here (Departed)"'s awful music video.

Epic don't seem to be doing much in the way of promotion for Brandy, which I'm not surprised about in the slightest. It does my head in, but it's one of those things I guess can't be halped and probably won't change. They're just screwing themselves over (Brandy too) because "Long distance" has the potential to be a mammoth hit worldwide. I'm getting tired of saying it, but the song could be such a hit across Europe.


  1. That's an awesome still for the video.

    I've played this quite a few times now. The rain is my favorite part of the video (and also my favorite part of the song). But Brandy looks amazing, particularly when she has her hair pulled back while leaning on the wall. Hot!

  2. The vid is good! Nothing wowish about it.The color-changing part was a nice idea.I dont really think that the song will do good though.

  3. It won't, which is a shame. Beyoncé and Britney are promoting their shit HARD, and Brandy isn't doing a damn thing. She is not gonna make those sales and her single is going to flop...YET again. A complete waste, because as I said many times before: "Long distance" has the potential to be really big, especially across Europe.


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