Music video: Britney Spears - Circus

Hot video. Everything was on point except for the...yep you guessed it: dancing. Britney just didn't bring it. On the few occassions where Britney did dance, the scenes were broken up by shots of sand and elephants; probably because she kept messing her steps and couldn't hold a routine like she used to be able to. A real shame, because the song is tailor made for a bangin' dance routine. Britney looked amazing though. The best she's looked in a long while.

This dark circus vibe is how Britney should've been rolling out on the album cover, instead of the over flossed happy go lucky bullshit she went with.

If the video doesn't play or show for what ever reason, then check it out here.

Britney walking around some stages: "Womanizer" performances... 1 | 2 | 3
Britney walking around Good morning America: Britney's debut performance of "Circus"
A review of the album: Circus review


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