Music video: Teriyaki boyz featuring Pharrell & Chris Brown - Work that!

Not bad...not bad at all. I personally prefer "Zock on!" because the beat was so ridiculously dirty and different. But "Work it!" is definitely hot. I didn't feel Chris Brown was necessary though. And feel he was thrown in as a last minute bid to have Western music listeners latch onto the song. As if having Pharrell all over the song and video wasn't enough. If anyone was to feature on the song, it should've been Ciara. This song is right up her alley. Having her sing a verse here and rap a line there would've been hot. The song didn't need a feature other than Pharrell at all, but I think Ciara would've at least been better than Chris Brown.

Overall, I like this song. The video was also cool. Even if it did look exactly like "Zock on!"'s, only with more booty.


  1. That Chris Brown part felt so tacked on. But I liked the song, and the last dude who rapped was my favorite.

    But them flat booties gotta go! I know Pharral could've got some girls with junk in the trunk! :P


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