Rain performs on Korea's 7th film award show

I see the eye liner and village people look continues to become a staple in Rain's bid for Rainism. Rain also goes by the name "Bi". That sounds about right. He WILL drop a video where he grinds up and pokes the booty out on a fellow Korean. It's only a matter of time.

That performance was just okay to me. Some parts were plain awkward to watch. The faces in the crowd did it for me. One old woman was looking up like "Who is this fool on stage!? Why am I here!? What in the world is a 'rainism'?" Another woman was sprung over Rain and was waiting for him to take off that wife beater. Her facial expression at the end was priceless!! She was looking like she needed to go change her panties. I bet her seat looked like somebodies water just broke.

I expected much more from Rain. I'm no fan of his music, but he usually shuts it down with his live performances and goes all out. He also mimed the majority of this performance, with his live vocals consisting of nothing but "Ho", "Hey!", "Ow!!" and heavy breathing as he walked off of the stage. I'm tired of this song already. Rain needs to drop a new single and start performing that.


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