The Teriyaki boyz to drop some "Serious Japanese"

The Teriyaki boyzThe Teriyaki boyz second studio album will be titled Serious Japanese and will also see a US release! The album will be produced primarily by Pharrell Williams and released via his StarTrak imprint.

This is pretty cool. The Teriyaki boyz definitely have a shot at making it big in the West. Their songs "Tokyo drift" and "Cho large" from The fast and furious: Tokyo drift soundtrack put them on the radars of Western music listeners, and their song "Zock on!" also got a lot of love. Plus fans of The Neptunes no doubt know of these guys due to Pharrell's work with them. And THEN you have the song they did with Kanye West, who will more than likely appear on the album either as a guest artist or producer. So I think they definitely have a shot at making it in the West. The hip-hop game is so open right now and what was once not considered hip-hop and rap, goes now; so they've definitely got a shot. The only thing that may hold them back is being released through StarTrak. That label is a mess. Every artist who has dropped an album via that label releeased a good album, just to have it bomb commercially, receive no promotion and then end up in career limbo. Just ask Kelis and Clipse - you can find them picking up the pieces of their failed careers as a result of StarTrak.

I'm assuming the Teriyaki boyz be rapping in english, although I hope we get the odd bit of Japanese thrown in. The album will release in the West in March, but Japan will get it January 28. I'll definitley be picking this album up. I'm a huge fan of M-Flo and I like The Teriyaki boys style. Plus, their debut album was pretty tight.


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