Beyonce's interview @ Obama's inauguration

Beyoncé can't cry. She manages to have the tears well up, but the 'No tears 101' lessons at the Destiny's Child boot camp 12 years ago were just too damn good to have the tears roll down the cheek. We've all seen Dreamgirls and B's "If I were a boy" video to know that B don't do proper tears. Knowles bitches don't cry. EVER! Home girl won't allow it. She genuinely seemed choked up though. But it was probably because she forgot her metal gauntlet, her momma didn't back comb her hair and give her a tonne more weave to wear, and that the organizers wouldn't let her perform a remix of "Diva" with Jay-Z.

Nah, I kid. It was nice to see Beyoncé go and show support and express her feelings. Even if she struggled with her limited vocabulary and performed at George W Bush's inauguration ceremony 7 years ago, sparking rumours she was a straight up Republican.


  1. She sang "At Last" at one of the 50 Inaugural Balls that night as the first couple danced to it, although I didn't get a chance to see or hear any of it. I wonder what President Obama thinks of Beyonce...he might have rather seen her perform "Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)".


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