The Dream confirms working on Mariah's 12th studio album

Terius 'The Dream' Nash hit up KIIS FM to introduce himself to those who don't know him. (Shame on those who don't!) And to talk about his second album as well as working on Mariah's follow up to E=MC². I have to say, when The Dream opened his mouth tos peak, I didn't expect him to sound like a member of The Jackson family...

Mariah knows to keep it movin'. I'm glad she's working on a new album. She was due to tour with E=MC². But after a string of badly selected singles, horrendous performances and under performing sales - she probably realized she wouldn't be able to tour. Only chicks like Madonna can take an album that's under performed and embark on a sell out world tour. Mariah just isn't tour material. She's too stiff and boring.

If Mariah's people are checking this blog, then you need to take my advice on the following.
  • Do NOT let The Dream and Tricky Stewart produce a whole album for Mariah. "Touch my body" was a cool song, but it was throwaway. And despite it's success, many fans hated it. The Dream should be limited to 2 tracks - 1 produced by Tricky Stewart and the other produced by LOS da Maestro. Ideally I'd like for him to come with one hot club record and something more mellow like Jon McLaughlin / BeyoncĂ©'s "Smash into you". Mariah's last 2 albums lacked a nice pop ballad, so it'd be nice for her to return with an album which features one.
  • DO NOT let Jermaine Dupri produce more than one song. The n***a has fallen off with his productions lately.
  • Only let Bryan Michael-Cox produce 2 songs and ban him from using a piano. Ain't nobody trying to hear another track which replays elements and sounds like some re-hash of "We belong together" and "Don't forget about us".
  • Ban Mariah from whispering. I know her voice ain't what it used to be, but don't let the bitch duck out of singing. I buy a Mariah CD to hear her sing. Not whisper like she's trying not to wake her Jack Russell.
  • Enlist Danja. "Migrate" was bangin' and that track is just one of the many styles Danja can work. Put Mariah in the studio with Danja and let the magic happen on around 3 tracks.
  • Rodney Jerkins. One of the few dudes in the game who has worked with every popular singer. He knows how to craft a song for ladies with vocals and bring the hotness. How these 2 haven't worked together before, I'll never know. But it needs to stop. Mariah...Darkchild for the win.
  • Get Mariah to work her backing vocals. I'm tired of the bitch not coming with decent vocal arrangements on her shit and having mscellaneous peeps do the backing vocals for her. "I'll be lovin' u long time" was a prime example of more of what I'd want from Mariah in terms of vocal production. Mariah has the vocal ability to really go hard witht he arrangements. She needs to take advantage of it and switch her shit up
  • Do NOT call the album MC3. I have faith in Mariah to come with a cool album title. More so now-a-days than before, when every album had some bullshit, magical one word title. The emancipation of Mimi was cool (although The emanciptation of Mariah would've been better) and E=MC² was damn creative. Come correct with the album title!
No idea when this album will drop. Mariah tends to take her time with her studio albums. So whilst it'd be cool to say this album could drop this year, I wouldn't be surprised if the album didn't see day light until 2010. I hope Mariah switches her shit up and that Def Jam do NOT fall off with the single choices when the album rolls around. E=MC² could've been a huge album if better singles were chosen at the right times.

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  1. Also, keep Nick Cannon away from the director's chair - I Stay in Love video was crap.


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