Mariah on a mission to ruin "Hero"

Bitch is crazy. "Hero" did not need to be recorded what-so-ever, and she didn't come close to matching the greatness of the original. I don't see why she can't leave the song along. Let people remember why they fell in love with her and the song in the first place, instead of making them hate the song and hate the artist for ruining their memory of said song.

Mariah performed "Hero" badly on quite a few occassions in 2008. I guess she felt re-recording it would be some form of redemption. Well, it isn't. I have't forgiven Mariah for butchering that song completely when she performed on a Japanese TV show last year. Not only was her performance a train wreck, but she enlisted the help of a bunch of Japanese guys to curb stomp the hell out it. Bitch couldn't run "Hero" into the ground any more if she tried.

What Mariah needs to do is hire herself a choreographer. Hire a stylist who won't take no shit and allow Mariah to keep looking like a Barbie doll in music videos. Enrol in some contemporary and street dance lessons. Hire me as her A&R man and record a new damn album. Then pick the correct singles. I say Mariah limits Jermaine Dupri to ONE song, as well as Bryan Michael-Cox (I'm not try'na hear piano's and finger snaps on multiple songs) and enlist Danja, Brian Kennedy, Rodney Jerkins, Los Da Meastro and Tricky Stewart to produce. E=MC² wasn't a bad album. I actually really liked it. But poor single choices and rubbish live performances stunted that album's sales in a big way. You know shit is bad when there's no forthcoming single and still no re-releases, whilst label mate The Forehead is still pushing singles, hitting up spots and releasing a remix album of her re-released album.


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