Music video: Chrstina Milian - Us against the world

She looks SMOKIN'!!! Christina Milian has always been a fine young lady, but DAMN. She was killin' it in this video. She weren't working the sexy to the levels the was in the "Dip it low" video, but she looked hot on a different level.

The video itself was pretty boring though. I think more variety in terms of the shots would've been nice. But it was a beautiful looking video and Christina looked hot. This video is along the lines of what Beyoncé should've done for "Halo". Beyoncé should've been trekking her weave across deserts, having convulsions and doing rolly-polly's in the sand like she did in the video for "Baby boy". But nope. She went for some shit that looked like it was filmed too close to her face on a camera phone.

I'm not a big fan of "Us against the world". The song has potential, but Milian doesn't sell it well enough. The chorus sounded like it was missing those intricate vocal harmonies and ad-libs. Brandy and Beyoncé would've hooked that shit right up in the correct way and set this song off right. Especially Brandy. I hope the song does well for Christina though. She could do with a hit single and an album that actually sells.


  1. wow, I said THE EXACT SAME THING about Beyonce's HALO when I that video...LMAO!!!! thats crazy!!!

    Anyways, simple but nice!!!

  2. this video is a tad boring, but she is hot nonetheless. i really really like the song as well, in my eyes - she can do no wrong, except during that whole Nick Cannon era she had.


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