Music video: Leona Lewis - I see you

A really nice song, gets itself a really nice video. It was nothing special, and was your standard 'music video for a song serving as a motion picture theme' fodder. But the ways in which Leona was seamlessly transitioned in and out of the film footage was nicely done. And Leona looked beautiful.

Everybody is raving about Avatar. But nothing about it is making me want to see it. It's a film I probably won't watch until it airs on BBC years from now during Christmas.


  1. If you got an IMAX (even if you don't, see it in 3d) in town, you got'sta drop the cash and see it! Movie is amazing. Watching it on the BBC just won't do it any kind of justice at all!

    Whilst we're on your music site, to keep it on topic, I liked the movie so much I bought the damn soundtrack! I do like this song, even more so when I watch the video. The flow of the song if kind of unusual, and it threw me off at first.


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