Music video: Mika Nakashima - Game

I see the old school 60's swing vibe that Amy Winehouse brought back to popularity has reached over to Japanese shores! I've never really liked Mika Nakashima's music, because I just find her to be so dreary, miserable and depressing half the time. But I've always liked her voice. It has this really old, cool tone about it. And I do like the song "Game". Although I can't help but think there are other chicks that could've done it that bit better. Mika's vocals lack that injection of sass and sexiness that I think the song could've benefittEd from. Kumi Koda's could potentially have done wonders with this song, but I know she'd make me not like it and go over board with her vocals if given too much free reign. Namie Amuro has that cool air about that that could've carried this song off easily and she would've KILLED it with her look in the video.

"Game" is a new song to feature on Mika Nakashima's 'BEST' album: a compilation of her singles and B-Sides entitled No more rules.


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