Music video: T-Pain featuring Chris Brown - Freeze

This video should've come with a warning. I damn near had epileptic convulsions watching this! The video is pretty cool though. The editing is great, as are the effects. Although I'm not really liking the song; at least not any more. When I first heard "Freeze" I really liked it. But now I don't. It's just not the kind of song I could listen to over and over and still like after repeated listens. Plus, I think T-Pain ruins it. Not just with his now overly auto-tuned vocals, but featuring on it at all. Based on the lyrics, a song like this would've been better if it were a duet with Chris Brown and Ciara. Hearing T-Pain talk about how he wants a girl to pop, lock 'n drop it with him is odd. T-Pain is in his element when he's singing about how he wants girls to watch him "Make the Chevorlet creep sooo suh-low" and when he's braggin' about the "Mini coup sitting own durrrrbs".


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