New Utada promo image and album info

New Utada 2008 promo imageShe looks spaced out, but then again it's a look she goes for often in shots. Me likey! It reminds me of the shots she did for "Flavour of life", only she doesn't look like she's dying from a terminal disease as she did in those shots. I'm in love with Hikaru Utada's eyes. Well...I'm in love with the whole of her. But her eyes are her most striking feature, especially when she strikes these kind of poses. It's like she's looking into my soul and having sex with it.

Hikaru Utada's second English language studio album to be released via Def Jam has been slated for a March release. Hikaru has spoken out about the release date and has questioned whether Island will be able to release the album this early as she's still working on it. So the date could change. Push backs are the new in thing for albums these days. I think April or May would be better. March isn't that far off, and yet "Come back to me" won't go for add's on radio station until February, the song has no music video and there's been no promotion for the song or album as of yet. It does seem a bit too soon. I guess if nothing else fans can be happy that the album is definitely on its way. I want to hear this album right now! But I'd rather wait if it benefits Hikaru and her sales.

There's still zero info on who Hikaru Utada has worked with on the album, with the only producers being linked to the project so far being Stargate; who had worked on a song of her's titled "Apple & cinnamon" and who I think may have produced "Come back to me". The piano and finger snap sound is such a generalized sound that it's hard to pin point a producer. But I get Stargate vibes from the song.

Hopefully "Come back to me" will do big things. The song has a great deal of potential. It wasn't a song I was overly keen on at first, but I absolutely love it now. It's on heavy rotation and I've even got some of my friends into it.


  1. "Come Back to Me" is a jam, and I love it! And holy mother of all that is good in the world, that picture is incredible! That shit rivals pics that models be doing.

  2. "But her eyes are her most striking feature, especially when she strikes these kind of poses. It's like she's looking into my soul and having sex with it."

    XD I really shouldn't read your blog during work 'cos then I laugh out loud and then get wierd looks from my colleagues!

    If you check out the latest entry from U Blog ( it's been confirmed that Stargate as well as C. “Tricky” Stewart have been confirmed as working with her. She's written 10 songs for the album as well.

    I can't wait either, I'm currently trying to find sites that will send an American copy of the album to the UK for a decent price - I'm not waiting a year (like I did for Exodus) to hear her new album.

  3. I've been trying to plug Utada as well! I hope she promotes her album more than last time. I do not want to see her fail this time around.

    I love the song and I want to see her come strong with video promotions and lives.

  4. There's a video on the way XD


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