'BoA' album cover

'BoA' album coverThe Best & USA album arts were hotter. But this is nice. It's simple and isn't trying to force an image onto you in the way her "Eat you up" and "Eien" videos were. I see BoA's try'na show how hip she is by showcasing that she has a homegirl that can cornrow the side of her head. Her pose looks wierd though. It's not impossible for somebody to pose the way she is in the picture, but it looks odd because of the absence of BoA's left arm. She looks nice though. BoA's a hot thang and is seriously photogenic, so shit would have to go so wrong for her to not look good in a picture.

So what's the deal?: Album info
What's to come: A snippet of "I did it for love"
The lead single: Original version | Remix


  1. I like the cover, it kind of reminds me of Alicia Keys (the hair and sulty pose from her earlier works). I see what you mean by the hand though - its like it's not even hers!

  2. Hot. Girl's got some major bling going on there!

  3. BoA's official listening party on Saturday Feb 28th at Ritual Hollywood Nightclub. BoA will make an appearance and host the event! Check out http://goproductionsla.com/blog/coming-to-america-boa-ritual-hollywood/ for more info.


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