The Forehead gets slapped

Chris checks on Rihanna's attitude [hosted @ Flickr by Random J]Rihanna's performance at the Grammy's was supposed to be explosive, but then she pulled out and shit went off in her face, along with Chris Brown's around going across it.

There are reports that Chris Brown went upside The Forehead's head before their Grammy performances, which is the reason she pulled out. It was only a matter of time. Rihanna looks like the type who would get fresh during arguements and cause unstable n***a's like 'Chrith 'Brown to channel their inner wife beater and go upside her head. I would've love to have been a fly on the wall at the incident. To see if he smacked her from wowl to wowl. And what the arguement was over for things to have gotten so physical.

To be blunt and see how their careers are going to go as a result of this: Rihanna's career is fine, Chris Brown's is in trouble. Rihanna is the victim, she ain't done shit wrong (as far as we know!) So she can hit up The Dream and ask him to pen her some song about how she overcame an abusive relationship, by using some killer metaphor and a bunch of "Oh"'s and "Eh"'s - which she will of course hit the #1 spot with. Chris, not so lucky. This could dent his career in a big way. No matter how sprung his teeny bopper fans are, they won't like the fact he attacked another lady, especially when that lady is Rihanna and many of his fans probably check for her music too.

This is completely unexpected. If it turns out Chris did indeed attack Rihanna, then Chris' mother needs to have words with her boy.

Chris is in police custody as I write this and The Forehead is wondering around disturbia.
"No mo' gas in the red, can't even get it started
No Grammy performance, 'cos n***a slapped my fo'head"
My advice to Rihanna is to go get a copy of Brandy's Human and play that shit to death. That album can fix shit Dr. Phil and Oprah couldn't if they was locked in a studio for days. Relationship and life therapy for sure! I reccomend tracks 4 and 5.

Somewhere Teairra Marí is texting her friends "LOL" and chalking it to karma for messing up her career, and Beyoncé is talking out the side of her mouth about how her man would never lift a finger to her, because Sasha would ghetto stomp his arse out. Although the Jigga man is no stranger to going upside a woman's head.

Let's see how this all pans out.


  1. From what I'm hearing, they had a major roadside argument, he pulled over, she threw his keys out the window, then he preceded to choke, punch, and bite her.

    Who knows if that's entirely what happened, but police did take pictures afterwards and have said that she looks really bad. If Chris really did all that, then he definitely doesn't deserve to have any kind of career. You don't do that to a woman...unless she's about to kill you herself or something.

    "No mo' gas in the red, can't even get it started
    No Grammy performance, 'cos nigga slapped my fo'head"

    LMAO! This had me dyin'!!!!

  2. LMAO to all the post!!!



    Its been a while u guys..hope everything is cool.

    oh and Chris...It might the end of your career!


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