Kumi Koda releases another two!?

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Dear God. Didn't this bitch release an album last month!? She puts out albums too frequently. She released her 7th studio album Trick a month ago and already she's got a Best compilation and a remix album on the shelves! She's only been in the game 5 years and she's put out 4 Best albums. Hikaru's been in the game 10 and she's only put out 1. Just goes to show. This just screams of trying to sucker more money out of fans. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind this other than the fact Avex just want lots of money now! You'd think Avex Trax would try to push her studio album first and foremost, and then drop a remix and Best album later in the year to fill a period where Kumi isn't promoting heavily and sales for Trick are winding down. But in true Avex fashion, they just like to throw everything out there at once and just pimp their artists. It's a joke.

Kumi looks hot on the covers though, despite looking like Sonny from I, robot and having way too much grease on the left side of her head. Not sure what's up with the nails though. They don't so much fly and sexy as they do cheap and tacky. But I guess it's one of the things Kumi's become known for, so she won't be toning them down any time soon.

A couple of Kumi album reviews: Black cherry | Trick


  1. I think she looks hot. I think that metal looking dress is hot, and the nails are hot. She kinda reminds me of Lady Deathstrike. Mmmmmm!


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