Music video: BoA - Eien

I've got love for the song. "Eien" grows on me more and more each day. But that video was whack. It didn't set the tone for the song what-so-ever. Why the hell is BoA street dancing, poppin' and locking in alleyways to a song where she should be walking through a snow blanketed street in a fur lined jacket and a wooly hat looking sexy!? Sure, Kumi Koda did that shit for her "You" video and so did J. Lo for that song she did with LL Cool J. But, if the shoe or the video treatment fits...

BoA's image is also a mess. The B-boy look does NOT suit her. Her stylists need to play up to her femininity, whilst giving her and edge - along the lines of the looks she sported in her "Lose your mind" and "My name" videos.

I look forward to the music video for "Universe". Hopefully Verbal's creativity and knack for eye catching music videos will come through. Because BoA sure ain't bringing nothing to the table where her music videos are concerned.


  1. Agreed! I like the song but I was not expecting her to be grinding up on some wall when she's singing about a breakup! And hair looks whack too! Oh BoA...

    I didn't know there was a going to be a video for universe. I'm looking forward to that.

  2. Your on point with most of your review though the walking through the snow WHILE popping woulda been hot. The whole thing is kinda fractured though like a bunch of MV concepts mashed into one. Totally feeling the song after seeing the video as I had dismissed it as a filler when I heard it before. Hope BoA can bring back that soft street feminity we all know and love as the mature androgynous look doesn't suit her.


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