Music video: Ciara featuring Young Jeezy - Never ever

Nice video. Not as eye catching as "Promise" or "Like a boy", or even "Go girl". But a nice video none-the-less. Ciara was looking fine as usual. I hate her weave. It looks like the skin of a Rottweiler has been stitched the top of her head. But she was still looking fine. I love the scenes of her dancing in her studio apartment in the joggers and heels. The way she did the splits and was working the waist had me hypnotized.

I can't wait to hear this song drop in a club. Now the video is out it may catch on. Because I mention this song to friends and DJ's and they say they haven't heard of it. Surely not a good sign for Ciara.


  1. I think the song and video are boring. :( It's just not up to par with what Ciara usually comes with, talking about the video.

    She does look smokin' though! Speaking of Jeezy, is he really on "Echo" now? That aint even necessary.


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