Music video: Sowelu - Material world

J-Pop singer Sowelu has emerged with a brand new edgy rock chick image and a new song and video. Peep it below...

I've not been a fan of Sowelu ever since she performed Mariah and Whitney's "When you believe" with Crystal Kay and ruined the whole damn thing. "Material world" is a boring song which lacks a distinct melody. And despite the cool visual effects and how hot Sowelu looked in her new get-up, I found the video boring too. All that was running through my mind as I watched the video was that she looked eerily like Gackt during the scene in white and how much the liquid flicking dealio reminded me of Rihanna's "Umbrella" video.

"Material world" isn't a completely rubbish song. But the lack of melody is so glaring. In the hands of Hikaru Utada or Namie Amuro, this song could've been decent. I could actually imagine them doing a song like this as they're the kind of singers who use their vocals to melodic effect in their songs. Crystal also does, but I really couldn't envision her doing a song like "Material world". The bottom line is that Sowelu just doesn't own the song. Her vocals are so bog standard and a result the whole thing sounds bland. Though in her defence, she didn't have much to work with music wise.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think "Material girl" may feature on a forthcoming album of Sowelu's. The song wasn't on her last album Naked and it's been almost a year since she released it. And then we have Sowelu's brand new image - all of which lead me to believe Sowelu has a new album on the way. Will it will be a new studio album or a 'Best' album? We'll have to wait and see.


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