Namie in Coca-Cola and Vidal Sassoon CM's

Namie's forthcoming singles "Dr." and "Wild" are both product tie-in's. The song "Wild" is doing the rounds in Coca-Cola zero adverts, whilst "Dr." gets airtime in Vidal Sasoon commercials, both of which Namie stars in. That faint noise in the background is of the Yen rolling into Namie's back account. Credit crunch ain't crunching her shit for a second.

I can't wait to see the music videos to these songs, because Namie always comes correct with her music videos. Although she messed up a little with the music video to "Do me more", where the commercial which featured the song had a much better concept than the actual video.

I'm really hoping she drops one heck of a dance routine to "Wild", because ain't no way in hell that song can have a video without one. I'm also keen to see what she cooks up for "Dr." - whether she'll go for something conceptual or performance based. "Dr." isn't a song I'm all that keen on, but I think a hot video may sway me.

Namie was looking nice in both commercials. Hot 'n cute in the Coca-Cola ad and slick in the Vidal Sassoon one. I love Namie's hair. It's so long and sleek. I usually hate women with hair as long as her's, but Namie's an exception. I love it. I'd make her get on her knees so I can stroke her hair without using my hands.

In all their glory: Listen to "Dr." and "Wild" in full


  1. She might have the sexiest hair I've ever seen. I couldn't even tell it was flowing like that until the camera got closer.

    I wish they had more Coca-Cola ads like the Vidal Sassoon ones because that one was my favorite. Wet and sexy! The song also fit perfectly.

    Btw, that last line was NASTY! lol


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