This is the one!?

Utada - This is the one (album cover)I rarely ever swear and try to prevent it as much as possible. But I am so f**king dissapointed with this album cover. It's the same dry old piece of artwork that's been floating around for over a month. If it weren't plastered over her mysapce page and webpage and used as her single artwork, I'd be all over it - because the shot itself is stunning. But the fact the image isn't new and the font is so fugly, just deal breaks the whole thing for me. I'm really dissapointed. The image should've been held back and been made the album cover with no font on the front, keeping in line with the majority of Hikaru's Japanese releases album artworks. I'm hoping we're being punked and some finalized artwork will surface over the next 2 weeks. But something inside is telling me this recycled piece of artwork with shit font will be it. Along with the album artwork, we also have the track list for the album, which features a paltry 10 songs.

01. On and on
02. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
03. Apple and cinnamon
04. Taking my money back
05. This one (Crying like a child)
06. Automatic part II
07. Dirty desire
08. Poppin’
09. Come back to me
10. Me muero

My anticipation for this CD has dropped. I called BoA out for not doing enough to promote her shit, but I have to put the Hikaru stan gaunlet aside and put it out there that Hikaru hasn't done much more herself. She's in a much better position to break the US given her fluency in English, having been there and done it before, and having a better lead single than BoA. I can see Hikaru's shit flopping like Exodus and BoA doing better. It's sad to say that right now I'm anticipating BoA's album more. But Hikaru's will be the one I'll buy without fail, because I stan for her and I know she'll have the better album.

Def Jam need to step their shit up, otherwise this album will flop in the West. I'm also a little pissed at Hikaru, because surely she has the resources and money to push her album more and do what Def Jam don't seem to be doing. You'd think artists at Def Jam would've realized by now that The Forehead is the only artist that gets air time and decent promotion. Mariah got kicked to the crub and sabotaged by whack single choices, we all know what happened (or didn't happen) with Janet. So Hikaru has no chance.


  1. Oh my. I've seen this before too and didn't think for a second that it was OFFICIAL. I hope to God we get something a little less...I dunno, amateur looking? That shit looks straight fan made, and not the good kinda fan made like your shit. The picture of her is sexy. But that font. :X

    And 10 tracks? *sigh* I was hoping for something along the lines of like 13 or something. I'm still def getting this album, but that is disappointing. With just 10 tracks, she better make sure all of 'em are hot. I don't want no filler!

  2. maybe it's like when Disney gives press releases for its DVD releases with the Arial font plastered all over the cover art, only to find a MUCH BETTER, reworked version in stores

    or in this case, I highly doubt it. but whoever designed this MUST NOT have known that CD cover art can make a sell or turn buyers off. I've seen better covers on the old vinyls in my station's studio

    (lol you should start a design contest. granted, it would only be me you and junlee participating, but still hah)

    and, ten tracks is something only Coldplay can get away with.

  3. you should start a design contest. granted, it would only be me you and junlee participating, but still hah

    I think I would finish last in this contest, lol!

  4. It is really disappointing. The album cover is a joke. A bad one, at that. I don't know how Hikki managed to let BoA out-hype her in the States. It just doesn't make any sense. You'd think that she would do everything she could to make this album successful after Exodus failed. Mediocrity.

  5. Ooh, I am excited about Automatic Part II, though.

  6. It appears that This Might Not Be The One. Unless it's like Britney Spears, with mad unnanounced bonus tracks.

  7. She is going to have two remixes of CBTM on the album also (I Know technically that's still only 10 songs LOL). As for the promotion, this album is getting a lot more promotion than Exodus ever got. She has started to get some radio play at least (on small stations) and she is here getting out and meeting with ppl in the industry. Anyway I'm also not to crazy about the font on the picture. Of course I'll the album anyway LOL.

  8. I didn't bother including the remixes in the tracklist because like you said, it's still only 10 original songs. And no doubt, the remixes will be badly produced rubbish that may as well have been left off anyway.

    I hate there's only 10 tracks on the album and that the album artwork lookes so ragged. But Hikaru Utada could release an album with 7 tracks on a raw CD-R with her name written on it in a black permanent marker, and I'd still buy it.

  9. Hm, Utada hasn't done much in the publicity area. She should have a listening party like BoA did--hopefully hers won't piss her fans off, like BoA's did. O.O

    I can't wait for both of the albums come out, but I think that Utada's will be the better one. ^^


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