Utada feels "This is the one"

Hikaru UtadaHikaru Utada left a message on her myspace page to let her fans know that she'd titled her forthcoming english language studio album This is the one. The album is produced entirely between Stargate and Tricky Stewart. If Utada has worked with Tricky, then I'd bet money The Dream was in on at least one of those sessions. Tricky Stewart and The Dream a package deal these days. Most artists who are signed to Def Jam end up working with Stargate, Tricky Stewart and The Dream. Janet Jackson did, Mariah Carey did, Rihanna did. They're almost like stable producers there. I was hoping Hikaru would've worked with at least 2 other producers. I would've LOVED for her to have worked with Danja and to also work with Rodney Jerkins again. Hikaru spoke out on why she opted not to...

This time the reason why I decided to work with Stargate and Tricky was because I didn’t want to have any big producers on the album like Timbaland-type producers that have their own color coming out, like their character is strong, like Timbaland-esque. [I wanted to have] track makers instead of producers. Stargate and Tricky are more like track makers. They’re producers - but compared to Timbaland-type producers, they’re better at bringing out the quality and characteristics of a particular artist.

I get what she means. But how strong Timbaland comes through on his productions often depends with who he works with. There have been instances in Timbaland's discography where his sound compliments the artist and allows them to do their thing and shine (Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Kiley Dean, Brandy, Justin Timberlake) and then there have been instances where his sound is just so stank and obnoxious that it overshadows the artist. It can also depend on the artist themselves. If they have their own unique style and aren't defined by a producer's sound, then they'll be able to take a Timbaland beat and own it and not let the beat own them. Hikaru came through strong on the Timbaland productions on Exodus, so I'm not sure what she was worried about. But I guess it was for the best, because Timbaland's sound is a mess right now. That n***a has no clue what he's doing right now.

Confirmed tracks for This is the one include "F.Y.I", "Me muero", the often speculated "Apples and cinnamon" and of course the album's lead single "Come back to me". The album will feature at least 10 tracks. I'm hoping the final tracklist see's at least 13 tracks. But I have this horrible feeling it will only be 10 tracks, with the version of Ne-Yo's "Do you" which featured Hikaru being a bonus track.

The music video for "Come back to me" is due to premiere any day now. The video was shot over the course of 2 days by Anthony Mandler, who has also directed music video's for the likes Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna and T.I to name a few.

This is the one will release on March 4 in Japan and March 24 in the U.S - the same month as BoA's self titled english langauge debut. So it'll be interesting to see how they fare and who sells better. Hikaru has my vote. Purely because, she already has a name for herself in the States, she sings better in English, her artistry and individuality comes through stronger on the one song we've heard so far and, I love her. Needless to say I'll be snapping up a copy of This is the one. I gotta support my future wife and her music endeavours. I just hope the album gets a UK release around the same time as the U.S release, because I think Hikaru would do really well in the U.K - possibly better than she'd do in the U.S. If the U.K release is set in conjuction with the U.S one, then we'll see the album hit shelves across the U.K on March 23.


  1. Oooh me can't wait! This is the one is currently my most anticipated CD release right now.

  2. She should've worked with Danja :(

  3. I'm hoping for a UK release too - but I'll probably end up buying the Japanese version (I can't find a site that'll send me an American copy for a decent price, or at all! It's not on sale at amazon.com). If it does come out in the UK soonish then I'll hold out (well I'll try to!).

    I'm hoping Sancutary (original and the ballad version) will be on the album as a bonus track, the song is owned by IDJ and they never offically released it. But I doubt it, but still, one can hope.

  4. I doubt "Sanctuary" will appear on This is the one. Given that "Passion" was on Ultra blue and "Simple & clean" didn't appear on Exodus. Plus, the song is old now. I'm just hoping the album features more than 10 tracks!

    Getting the Japanese version of the album would be better. Japan packages their CD's so much better than anywhere else anyway. You always get a lyrics booklet in English of all the songs, including lyrics for any bonus tracks and a cool detachable spine.

  5. 'Simple and Clean' was owned by EMI - Utada's Japanese record label, which is probably why it didn't appear on Exodus. Yes, 'Sanctuary' is old, but one can dream eh?

    I pre-ordered the Heart Station album from CDJapan.co.uk. I got the free poster, the spine card the gorgeous CD, so yeah I'm leaning towards the Japanese version.

    Btw, was meant to say before, love the new banner! :-)

  6. I really wish there would have been a "Sanctuary (After the battle)" English release. I love that version SO much! I like the original too, but the after the battle one has the piano and the drama. It's just so good! :)


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