Utada looking wrong from the left side

Utada's snaggletoothed smileI love Hikaru Utada. My plan to go to Japan, win her over, seduce her, knock her up and have her marry me for the sake of the child whether she loves me or not remains a life goal and a priority. I would reserve my best sex ever, exclusively for her. I'm talking beautiful 4 play, followed by love making which would cause cherry blossoms to rain down on our naked bodies as I feed her natto with my index finger. But this picture looks wrong. That angle does her snaggletooth no favours. She looks like Tamaki Hiroshi. Whoever took the picture should be fired.

I still love her though. God knows what it'd take for me to stop loving her.


  1. You never cease to make me laugh with your Utada fantasies, LOL!!!

  2. LOL that monologue reminded me of marvo from the impulsive buy

  3. She looks great in her 'Come Back to Me' music video



  4. That video is hella boring, but Utada looks damn good in it!


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