Utada out and about

Even with his glasses on, you can see the resemblance between Hikaru and her father. I'm glad I got to get a good look at him. If I'm in Japan and bump into him, I'll be sure to inform him of how I plan to take his daughters hand in marriage and consummate until either a bed or somebodies back breaks. I'll also be referring to him on a first name basis. None of this Utada-san crap. Straight up addressing as Teruzane. Teruzane the man!

Utada was was seen kicking it with The Dream, which sparks the possibility the two had worked together on her album. I said before that if Hikaru worked with Tricky Stewart, that there's every chance she worked with The Dream too. The two of them are a package deal. I hope it's the case, because Tricky and The Dream make a great team. From "Umbrella", to "Touch my body", to "Moving mountains", to "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)", to "Smash into you". They've got mad diversity. Tricky comes correct with the production and The Dream does the damn thing with the songwriting.

Hikaru looks like she's lost a fair bit of weight too. She looks so slender and slim. She looks nice, but I hope she doesn't go and lose any more weight. The section where she explained her name was cute. She should've put an intro on her album where she says her own name, or stuck a line in a song where she drops how her name should be said.


  1. Is this supposed to be a video or picture? I can't tell, because it's just black. Maybe it's on my end....


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