Hikaru Utada @ Sephora, New York

Hikaru Utada made an appearance at beauty and cosmetics store Sephora in New York a couple of days ago. She didn't perform (sadly), but at least she's promoting and putting herself out there. She should've been doing this shit a good few weeks, even months before her album dropped. But I guess it's better late than ever. Although this feels like the Janet Jackson Discipline situation all over again. I don't know what it is with Def Jam doing their artists like dogs. Unless you're The Forehead, you won't get a look in. Ne-Yo's the only other artist on that label who gets air time, but that's because he just stays on his grind and handles his own business. Hikaru should do the same. Def Jam won't do what's necessary to have her album push major units outside of Japan.

Hikaru looked nice though. Well...from the waist up. I like that poncho thing she's wearing and she looks really nice and fresh in the face. But them Jiminy Cricket shoes are some bullshit. She should've just worn a nice pair of black heels. Or gone a little street and worn some fresh hi-tops.

Her appearance at the store was a big success, with a huge turn out. But Hikaru didn't get much time with the fans. Something she apologized for on her official message page. You gotta love that she did that. Most other artists wouldn't bother. Hikaru also made an appearance at Sephora in Hollywood, where her attire was a bit more on point and she got to spend more time with fans.


  1. I was at this event but sadly I didn't get to go inside the store. Apparently there were ppl there starting at 5:30am. LOL Anyway I did get to see her through the window and other ppl's cameras. :) I've seen some great pics (this one included). I had no idea she was wearing those shoes tho'LMAO.


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