Music video: 88-keys featuring Kanye West - Stay up! (Viagra)

This video has me dying with laughter every time I watch it. I especially dig Kanye's move at the 0:49 mark, because that's my speciality move in the club.

You can always rely on Kanye to bring something creative to the table, even when he's a featuring artist. 88-keys and Kanye have great comedic timing between the two of them. They are real life best friends and it showed in this video. It genuinely looked like just 2 friends having an absolute laugh on a random night out with some hoes - which was the whole idea of the video anyway. You can check Clifford and Rufus taking 5 back stage here.

The song is also mad funny. I pissed myself when Kanye dropped the "I know a friend who got drunk and claim a fat bitch raped him" line. 88-keys takes a back seat rather comfortably to Kanye throughout the song. I love "Stay up (Viagra)" because it reminds me of something Kanye would've done for The college dropout - which is my fave Kanye West album.

Kanye's recent string of guest appearances on songs have all been stellar. He's been on point with the rapping. Given how he starved fans of raps with 808s & heartbreak I'm sure I'm not alone in already wanting a new Ye album with more rapping. I don't think he should do away with singing completely, but a higher rap to singing ratio on his next album would be nice.

88-keys' conceptual album The death of Adam was released last year in November. So God knows why the lead single's video only premiered now!


  1. Funny song and video. It seems more like Kanye ft. 88-Keys, but whatever. Nice!


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