Music video: Ciara featuring JustinTimberlake - Love Sex Magic

Lawd hammercy... Bitch was looking SEXY! I know it's wrong of me to call Ciara that, but she was so fly, it's the only word I could use. She was looking like "the #1 Diva in this game fo' a minute" in that video. The outfits and the moves she was pulling just had me glued to the screen. Ciara knew what the hell she was doing with them legs: keeping them open, spreading them wide and out stretching them and shit. That entire video was just about her booty and her legs. And her chemistry with Justin? Hot, but not electric. Ciara was giving everything and Justin looked overwhelmed at times by how full on Ciara was, like he wasn't entirely sure where to put his hands or what to do. She was NOT giving Justin any space to do a damn thing. The only thing she didn't do was smother her pussy in his face. She probably did, but the scene got cut.

Hot video. I don't think Ciara has looked finer. The song still feels more like a Justin featuring Ciara track and I'm not overly wowed by it. But it seems to be doing everything the previous singles didn't, and also got the best video - which made me believe in love, sex and magic the second I saw Ciara open the legs in that zebra print outfit.


  1. HOT!!! Ciara is ridiculous when she busts out that pose where she looks like a spider. And I paused it at the 1:00 mark and just stared with my head cocked to the side. So fine!!!

  2. The woman is fine hot and fierce in that vid. And Randomj I could anderstand why "Bitch" seems more appopriate.
    She did own that SEXinest. That vid screams SEX all over the place. But I don't know if it's 'cause I became so blase, My mouth didn't drope.
    She was pretty must BADASS with CLASS, Sexy without being vulgar nor trashy.
    GREAT VID indeed !

  3. I just love how Ciara's really coming into her sexuality now. She always had it about her from "Goodies", but she's bringing more femininity to the table now, and she looks amazing because of it.

    As hot as Ciara looks in the video, Diane Martel (the director of the video) I'm sure was instrumental in everything. She always manages to have ladies look incredibly sexy, yet classy. She's responsible for all of Ciara's best and most memorable videos.


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