Music video: KAT-TUN - Rescue

KAT-TUN are just whack. The stans can make it their mission to crucify me for saying that if they like, but it's true. They're garbage. These guys do not get better as time goes on. They just look more and more like girls. The video had a look about it that led me to believe it'd actually be something decent, but it was just some bullshit. The dancing segments were just 'Yawn!' Jin's Michael Jackson inspired dance was the best of the bunch ,and surprisingly Tatsuya Ueda's was pretty tight too. He rarely ever dances. He usually just works his waist like a ho out of shots.

The song "Rescue" is just plain bad. Did someone make a bet in the studio to see how much Engrish they could cram into one song? Because that's what the shit sounded like. I'm not hating on KAT-TUN trying to speak english - because if you were to have me sing in Japanese, I'd sound like shit. But the song featured way more english than the guys can handle. Some parts sounded like a made up language. It was beyond engrish.

"Rescue" is the theme song to the J-drama of the same name which stars Yuichi Nakamaru and fellow Johnny boy band member Takahisa Masuda.

Reviews KAT-TUN's albums: Cartoon KAT-TUN II you | KAT-TUN III -Queen of pirates-


  1. LOL, I've heard of them but this is the first time I've heard their music. It's an odd song that sounds like a patchwork of a few different songs. But it is just a bad song and an extremely boring video. Next.


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