Music video: Kumi Koda x Misono - It's all love!

Garbage. The video looked like a low budget version of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson's "Scream". Which may have been an influence and entirely intentional given that Misono is Kumi's younger sister. And don't even get me started on the dancing. All Kumi did was lift her leg up and scratch her vagina (what she does best) and Misono was dancing like she was in dire need of taking a shit. I also hate the song. The chorus is kinda catchy, but the song overall is just a mess. At the very least Kumi Koda looked hot. It's nice seeing her with her natural hair. Her look in the white room scenes's was smoking hot. She needs to stay on that look right there, because it's the best she's look in quite a while.

Kumi Koda needs to give a rest. She released an album 2 months ago, has a collaboration album and a remix album on the way now ANOTHER single which for some reason wasn't included on her Out works & collaboration best album. She also needs to be wary of doing songs with her sister. Because even though she may be trying to help elevate her sisters status, she may scuppered her sister's chances of being known as anything but 'Kumi's younger sister' in the long run. Just ask Beyonce's younger sister.


  1. I'm going to take a wild guess and say 'rock' music is not your favourite genre. Both 'rule' and 'its all love' you seem to hate. :-)

    This song did sound a a combination of random rock songs thrown together.

    Btw, her collaboration and remix albums are not due till 25th march...

  2. This video was a hot mess. The choreography...God help us all XD

    I haven't been very fond of what Kumi has been doing lately. TRICK wasn't that good (the sales were lower than I expected) and she didn't even promote the album that much. She jumped right into another single.

    I'm slowly losing interest in her because she's so all over the place! She needs another song like "BUT" or "TABOO" (no ballads for a while). Like seriously, three releases in ONE MONTH?! That's crazy.


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