Music video: Se7en featuring Lil' Kim - Them girls

This video isn't new. But finding a video that hadn't been taken down yet was taking forever!

The song is poo. It's so damn old, I don't know WHY he's releasing it as a single now. I posted this song back in September. It won't do shit now. Se7en could've come better than this and so could Rodney Jerkins. What I will give Se7en however is a round of applause for his english. He actually sings like he's been speaking it all his life and his vocal game is definitely tight where the arrangements are concerned. I can't stand the song, but he owns it well.

The music video was rubbish. It looked like Usher's "Love in the club" without the special effects and actual people in the club other than Se7en and a handful of ho's. The dude can dance. I mean REALLY dance. But you wouldn't know it judging from the music video. His look was on point though. It was clean cut. You can't go wrong with a shirt, tie, waistcoat and a pair of shades. Girls (and dudes) are gonna dig Se7en and think about all the shit dude could do with them big ol' lips.

I always thought B.Oa would out shine Se7en with her US debut (God knows why!) But I think Se7en could possibly be the one to pull it off. I don't think he'll get big sales, or even that his album will be that hot. But I think he'll put out an album where you could listen to it and take him seriously as a worldwide artist and want to hear more from him, whether it be his english, Japanese or Korean endeavours - which is more than I can say for B.Oa's stanky mess of a US debut.

The songs that have leaked from Se7en's english language debut so far have sounded pretty shit. I can't stand the song "Girls", but it's the best of what I've heard so far. Hopefully the good stuff will all make the album and Se7en will surprise us all. He definitely has what it takes.

Listen to more of Se7en: Them girls | Your number | No taking back


  1. That song sounds just like something you'd hear on american top 40 radio (boring and generic) so he might have a shot. And his english does sound great so he's got it there as you say. Lil'Kim looks strange to me, maybe it's because I haven't seen her in a long time LOL. I just want to say I really like your site RJ. It's very informative and very entertaining, such a rare combo.;)

  2. *LMAO* @ "That song sounds just like something you'd hear on american top 40 radio (boring and generic) so he might have a shot.".

    Dude could've done SO much more in the way of a single and a video. Se7en has the english on lock, a good voice on him, a good look and he can dance. So there's no excuse for him to be coming with something boring and generic.

    Ooooo... And thanks for the kind comments Beruda! I'm glad you like the blog. :)


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