Music video: Utada - Come back to me

The video was boring, boring, boring. It looked like it was filmed in the same house that Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" was shot in. Probably due to the same director handling that video as well as this one.

Hikaru looked great though. I'm not sure what she has or hasn't been doing, but she's definitely lost a some weight. I wish Hikaru would show more of her legs. I paused the section where you saw them as she walked towards her man (that should've been played by me) in the courtyard. I screen captured it and made it the wallpaper on my phone. She has some great pins on her. But she rarely ever shows them off! I want her to stand behind me and caress my shoulders how she did the guy's in the video. Then we can take it to the bedroom so I can kiss her up and down her leg.

I can't stress how boring the video was. I've only watched it twice which is unheard of for a Hikaru Utada video. It also think it was released too late. This video should've been out WEEKS ago. They should've released it on Valentines day. Hikaru definitely looks great though. I'd say it's the best she's looked so far, especially when she was rocking the bob.


  1. I pretty much agree on everything you've said (although I haven't gone and put a screen grab of her legs on my phone, which made me 'LOL' by the way!)

    I like the way she looked throughout, sure there was one outfit where I thought she wore too much make up (in the blue robe) but then it kind of reminded me of the end love scene in 'Memories of a Geisha', the two really look alike when compared.

    I was expecting Utada to look more desperate, or long for the man more towards the end, like run towards him or something. Sadly it was not to be.

    As completely 100% on that the video should've been released earlier - it should have been avaliable to download the same day as the song!

  2. I screen captured it and made it the wallpaper on my phone.


    Boring ass video, but Utada does look great in it. And I agree lil, I wanted to see her crying and reaching out her hand in desperation as she was singing this shit! lol

  3. She looks quite beautiful in this video but I agree there should have been more interaction between her and the guy, a little tasteful spice wouldn't hurt.The Japanese don't seem to be to comfortable with touching I notice lol.


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