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BoA is just the artist that keeps on giving. As if a new 'Best' album and an English debut wasn't enough for fans to tide over, BoA went and released a triple A-side single. Too bad that only one out of the 3 A-sides is actually decent. It's like Vivid all over again.

"Eien" is a hot song. BoA's vocals are mad crusty and nasal, but the song is so hot that BoA doesn't matter. And to be fair, she doesn't sound THAT bad. I love the song more with each listen. It's absolute fire. Daisuke Imai did not mess around when it came to the production. I haven't been a fan of some of his past productions and hated some of what he did with Namie Amuro. Be he was on point with "Eien". Sure, the beat works a style many chicks in the West have laced already. But when a song is hot, it's hot and "Eien" is fire!

"Universe" is garbage. I love Crystal Kay, have been on M-Flo for years and check for BoA despite my cynicism towards the majority of what she does. But this song sucks all the way down to the balls. I cannot believe that such a hot pool of talent managed to put out so dribble. Between a talented vocalist like Crystal Kay, a fly MC like Verbal, hot producers like Bloodshy & Avant and a super talented songwriter such as Balewa Muhammad this song should've been the shit. But it's just plain shit. The beat is dusy and the lyrics make zero sense. Plus BoA's Japanese and English is iffy throughout the entire song. All "Universe" does is raise questions as to why Crystal and Verbal aren't the ones trying to make their shit happen in the states when their Japanese, English and swagger on the song is better than BoA's.

"Believe in love" is okay, but BoA's voice just isn't suited for acoustic renditions. BoA doesn't have the smoothest vocals. So hearing her sing over a lovely acoustic melody is like listening to somebody roller skate over the beat. It just doesn't work. But the song is nice.

The "Best hit mega blend" is just tripe. I honestly didn't think Megamixes still existed. I thought they went out with the 90's. Obviously not. It does none of the songs included any justice, because the new mixes are so awful. So I wouldn't recommend this "Best mega blend" as a crash course to those who want to get into BoA. Because it really isn't the best representation of her hits.

BoA and her people need to learn the art of less is sometimes more. "Eien" is the strongest single of the bunch hands down. The song is hot enough to have been made a sole A-side, so I'm not sure why 2 lacklustre additional songs were included. All it does it overload the release and bog it down. "Eien" gets a thumbs up from me, but the 2 other songs were unnecessary and went straight to the recycle bin.

BoA's triple A-side scores itself a 5 out of 10
■ Eien ★ J's fave


  1. Oooh...I couldn't stand "Eien!" But I loved "UNIVERSE." I'm not a fan of "Believe in LOVE" because it's an acoustic remake. I hate those. -_-

  2. I should listen to your advice more often; I haven't really heard much of BoA's Japanese stuff so I took a risk and listened to the "Best hit mega blend".....oh god...the noise! My ears are bleeding!

    Btw; I've just seen this PV preview for BoA's next single, thought you'd might wanna know so you can give your colourful opinion on it :-)

  3. That clip's been around for a couple of weeks. I didn't want to post it because I was sure the full video would've been released by now, but nothing! Not sure what's up with that. Hmmm...


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