Utada's live performance at KTLA

That initial interview was awkward. I felt uncomfortable watching it, so I can only imagine how the host felt. Hikaru was answering her questions and looking at the woman like she wanted her to just f**k off. She couldn't even humour the poor woman, she just gave her cold responses and left her hanging. Not cool! I would have none of that when Hikaru marries me. I wouldn't Chris 'Take you down' Brown her, but I would have to regulate.

The performance was cool. Not amazing. But she sounded nice, if a little crusty at times. It always makes me semi-laugh, semi-cringe whenever you get a band 'pretending' to play. It's so blatantly obvious the music was a backing track and that the guys in the background weren't doing shit. They didn't even look alive. They could've been Asimo robots with masks on and you wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Hikaru Utada has really has lost a lot of weight. I'm not about to go on a 'I hope she isn't starving herself' rant, but it really is noticeable. Especially when you see her from head to toe. I'd feed her if she ever got hungry though. I'd feed her real good.


  1. I thought she sounded pretty bad. :(

    She just sounded sick or something, and most of it was really strained. Them high notes sounded particularly bad. BUT I still love her, and I've heard nothing but good things about the album, and if the samples are anything to go, then every song is hot!

  2. She has been losing a lot of weight, and what's scary is that she herself has addressed it, and stated that she honestly doesn't know why. She' also been bruising herself in her sleep, and has been visiting doctors regularily for tests. Hopefully it's not something too bad :/

    And as for sounding bad and what not, I'm honestly wondering if all of the traveling and stress is finally getting to her. She's promoting, which she admitted she doesn't actually do in Japan, so this is all new for her.

  3. i must say u really love utada... i mean i do love her music too but i must admit that performance was pretty horrible but the interview wasn't as bad/cold as i expected it to be. it was very early so maybe it was just the case that utada didn't feel like talking as much so early in the morning. the album was cool!!! not her best and a lot weaker compared to her japanese albums but it was still good.


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