Aubrey Ho'Day fixes up and looks sharp!

Aubrey Ho'Day fixes up her look!Well look at who got themself a make under! Aubrey was never what you'd call ugly. You could see she had potential, but she just sandblasted it over with make-up and glued fried out weaves on top of it.

This new looks really suits her. She looks older, but she looks much nicer for it. The dress is some nasty 1960's Stepford housewife bullshit - which is probably what's making her look that bit older than she actually is. But the face and hair is on point. She can young herself up some with some the right threads.

I can't see this look lasting though. It'd be good if she kept it up. But I can see Aubrey having a fashion relapse after about a week and reverting back to the super ho look.

I give Aubrey props for keeping herself in the media and staying on her grind though. She was always my fave member of Danity Kane. I liked how she not only had swagger, but had this air about her that let you think you had a chance with her and that she'd let you ruin her if you played your cards right...or wrong...or just whipped it out and sprung it on her.

Aundrea 'I'm boring like wallpaper' Fimbres, D 'Don't call me Wanita' Woods and Shannon 'Man face' Bex ain't saying shit. And Dawn 'Uncle Deji' Richards just puts out mediocre songs with the odd good one or two that bite Brandy's style. Them bitches are probably wishing they were still kicking it with Aubrey. It'll forever be a shame though, because Danity Kane could've gone the distance. Their last album had some HAWTness. I still bump "Strip tease". That shit should've been a single.


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