Bae Seul-Ki's swagger jacked performance of "Tiresome"

More 80's bounce and auto tuning courtesy of Korea. They aren't messing around over there. I LOVE IT! They just be taking hot shit in the west and putting Korean artists through the ringer with it. I'm lovin' it well and truly.

Today we have Bae Seul-Ki making like Lady GaGa for her 'not a comeback' performance of her single "Tiresome".

♪ Kiss me and I'll kiss you back! ♪ The song reminded me of Keri Hilson's "The return the favour". Something about the beat, and the whole fly glasses and 2 mincrophone dealio that Keri also worked in her music video for the song. Everything about that performance was just swagger jacked. I was seeing Christina Aguilera, Lady GaGa, Keri Hilson and Ciara all in that one performance. But it was pretty hot.

Bae Seul-Ki would get a good seeing to in that sexy black get up she was donning. I'd put my microphone close to her face, just how she did in that performance. And I'd spruce that black hair up with some highlights too.

Seul-Ki was more Seul-Off key though. The breathing was so heavy and loud, it was like listening to a sonogram at times. But consdiering she was dancing, doing a bit of hair thrashing and working the stage, she could've sounded a lot worse. BoA could do with some of Seul-Ki's swagger, because it seems she's lost it.

That song was whack, but it's better than the 80's Japanese karaoke sounding shit Som Dam-Bi rolled out with.


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