Cassie and her peanut head

Cassie and her peanut headI guess Cassie can add 'hair styling' to a list of things she can't do, along with singing and dancing. What did this talentless bitch go and do to her hair!? It looks whack! I guess some bitches will do desperate things to get attention when their music ain't saying shit.

On Cassie's music front, we've had 2 singles and a couple of song leaks in the space of 8 months and no album. Cassie's folk are a mess. "Official girl" was some bullshit single. Cassie never should've recorded it after Karina Pasian, because she sounded nowhere near as good. Plus, the song was rubbish anyway. Then we have "Must be love", which is just plain boring. Can nobody at Bad boy see that Cassie only does good things on hot uptempo beats where she's singing about wanting some sex!? "Thirsty" and "2 the morning" were both BANGERS. I'm still pissed they weren't singles. Especially "Thirsty", which had mad potential.


  1. Thirsty was ass... I still bump Cassie's version of Official Girl, because it's the only non-Ryan Leslie song she sounds remotely appropriate on.

  2. Oh my =O
    Cassie messed up the only thing she had going for her lmao ...the hell caused her to do this? But I agree; she's best on uptempo tracks. Day26's version of "Must Be Love" is better (maybe because it was supposed to be their song?).


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