Danity Kane are dead

Not literally. But the group is finished. I just wish P. Shitty would stop wasting everybody's time with bullshit like this. Every group he signs is just a vehicle for himself and his shenanigans.

P. Shitty has no idea how to run a label and handle careers. How many acts has he signed and left like dead weight? The n***a is a joke. If he really was serious about Danity Kane, he would've promoted them properly from the start and picked correct singles. He missed an oppurtunity by not releasing "One shot" from their debut album and not putting out "Strip tease" and "Sucka 4 love" as follow up singles from their sophomore set.

There was (and still is) an opening in the market for a hot, credible girl group and Danity Kane were the one. But instead, he screwed them over and now we're left with The Pussycat dolls and the Paradiso girls. Wonderful!

He'll soon realize that Dawn 'Uncle Tolu' Richard does NOT have what it takes to be a solo act, in the same way that Donnie didn't. I like Uncle Tolu, don't get me wrong. She has a nice voice and some appeal...I guess. But she doesn't have that spark that'll make her a star and give her game longevity. The only member of Danity Kane who will manage to somehow make a career out of this whole thing is Aubrey. Whether she ends up washing rims in tank tops, hot pants and clear heels on the next season of Pimp my ride, or she ends up on some VH1 reality show called 'Living like Aubrey' - she'll have more of a career than the other Danity Kane chicks. She knew from the start that she'd have to handle her own business and make a name for herself instead of relying on P. Shitty. People call her out for being a loose chick, but she managed to get herself dropped all the same. Something that wouldn't have happened if Aubrey was handling her business under a table like Kneepads (aka Cassie) Who might I add, after 2 flop singles and a string of horrendous live performances - stays signed to Bad Boy.

Read about what P. Shitty let go to waste: Welcome to the dollhouse review
A couple of Uncle Tolu's solo songs: Falls away | If I could


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