Music video: Black eyed peas - Boom Boom Pow

The video is doo-doo. I can see what the Black eyed peas were trying to do with the video, but it just didn't come off well. It looked stupid and really cheap. The only thing I liked about it where a couple of the dude's hairstyles. I'm digging's asymmetrical trim. It looks cool and really suits him. And Taboo finally got himself an slick looking layered cut. He looks trendy and not like a crack head Pocahontas how he did before.

"Boom Boom Pow" is bland and has little to no impact on a first listen. So the video could've really helped give the song the stronger sense of impact and identity. But insead it just further plummets the song in blandness.

I like "Boom Boom Pow" now more than I did before. It always gets me swaggin' in a club. It's all about the hard knocking 808's for me. But aside from that, it really isn't that good a song. If truth be told I've not been a fan of anything the Black eyes peas have released post Elephunk except for "Hey mama".


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