Music video: Jyongri - Missing you

The song little initial impact on a first listen, but it is a grower. The chorus is catchy and instrumentations are really nice. As with the likes of Crystal Kay, Jyongri takes a very westernized approach to the way she holds certain notes and does her vocal runs - which I like. It sets her apart and it really showcases her vocals and the control she has over it.

Too bad about the video though. It's crap. It looks like it was filmed in a waiting room for JAL interviewees.

I fell for Jyongri big time when she first debuted and dropped her forever hot debut single "Possession". That song was my SHIT. But her music has been pretty lax and generic ever since. She has the vocal and songwriting talents to do so much more. But she tends to play it really safe and put out pretty generic songs on the whole.

I'll stay checking for her, because she has a lot going for her and shares a great deal in common with Hikaru Utada. They're signed to the same record label, are both fluent in english as well as Japanese and they do not rely on overt sexuality to sell their music and they write thier own songs - which I admire. It's boring, but I admire it.

With "Missing you" not featuring on Jyongri's last album and her not having enough of a catalogue for a 'BEST' release, it's seeming likely she'll be prepping a third studio album to release at some point this year.


  1. Thanks for this video by Jyongri. This is the first song I've heard from her and I have to say that she sounds an awful lot like Utada Hikaru -- too bad she isn't a little more unique, but I did enjoy this song.


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