Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins shoots the breeze on Keri Hilson...and more!

Super producer Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins sat down to talk about 'that track' Keri Hilson did where she supposedly dissed a couple of well known ladies, how he feels about producers leaking songs and some shit about 50 cent that I really don't care about.

Keri claims she wasn't saying anything about the Beyondroid or Ciara. I can't say I do or don't believe her. Them lyrics were so ambiguous they could've been about many a chick in the game. There wasn't anything in particular that made me think "Damn! She dissed HER!" Even the bit about sitting "She need to go have some babies" - which made me LAUGH my arse out loud. That could've been about Mariah for all we know. Lord knows the B-droid is not the only chick in the game who needs to sit her arse down and go have some babies.

Keri can do what she likes. I'm not going to flat out say she was wrong for what she did. She was just spittin' on a track and saying how she felt. Only she knows who her verse was in reference to, if it was in reference to any chicks in particular. But B-droid and Ciara aren't the enemy. As 2 fellow black ladies doing their thing in the music game, Keri shouldn't be try'na start no beef with them and visa-versa. Plus, it'd be pointless! Neither the B-droid nor Ciara would bother to put out a song in retaliation. Keri is a talented lady, as is the B-droid and Ciara. There's room in the game for all 3 of them. I have to also add, the "Turnin' me on" remix SHITS all over the original. God help me, I actually like it.

Now for some Darkchild and Britney talk. I was PISSED when Circus dropped and Rodney Jerkins' joints weren't on it. He was speaking bodly about the songs he cut with her before the album dropped and it got me excited. It was sounding like he'd given her some club BANGERS! Say what you will about Britney's music, but her shit fills up a dancefloor like you would not believe! Even the most thugged out n***a's be stepping it up to "Womanizer" when it drops. And don't get me started on "I'm a slave 4 U".

Rodney Jerkins contributions to Oops...I did it again! and Britney were bloody awful. But third time had to be the charm. He's been on his A-game with his productions over the past 2 years and whilst Britney's a hot mess on stage - she seems to be able to turn it on in the studio and put out the hits. I say he leaks the damn songs already. I'm tired of this dude giving fire and it not getting mass recognition. His work on Brandy's Human and Janet Jackson's Discipline was pretty much wasted, and one of the best songs on I am... Sasha Fierce got tagged onto the end of the Sasha Fierce disc as a bonus track.

As for Fiddy, I don't care about the dude. He needs to just drop Before I self destruct, his Greatest hits, and call it a day. The constant push backs of his albums and the unecessary beef he keeps starting is beyond a joke.


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