Sasha & co. looking a fool on stage

I saw this picture and it just made me laugh. Not only did Beyoncé ( bad) "Sasha" make herself look a fool, but she put her backing dancers in line and had them subject themselves to her tomfoolery too. least their faces are covered. Probably another request from Sasha. Because even when looking a fool, she needs to be the fool who stands out most.

There's a shot of Sasha wearing a similar out in her album inlay. Only it's not really a dress. At least I don't think it is. It looks more like the Beyondroid's nude and she's holding a motorcycle contraption thingy in front of her. But I see Tina Knowles went and ran with the idea and made a full outfit out of it. Tina Knowles had to have made that shit. It's too stupid, busy, 'tries to be hot, but isn't' and rubbish for it not to have been.

I wanted to check out Beyondroid's 'I am...going to subject you to 2 hours of weave thrashing and 1 hour of oversinging every song on the first disc of my album tour', but I was not looking to spend £60 on a ticket. Especially when I only paid £30 to see Destiny's child's last tour. That worked out at 10 pounds a member! Now B-droid wants £60!? Sasha needs to stop with the greediness. £50 tops, but not £60.

Can't wait until the DVD of the tour hits though, so I can watch all of the performances in high quality. Can't nobody cock open their legs, shake their booty, thrash a weave non-stop and look fine doing it quite like the Beyondroid.


  1. Them dudes look like they belong in Tron, and Beyonce looks like Wonder Woman gone wild!

  2. I didn't know who the hell that was until I read your post, LMAO.


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