The swagger stays dead and gone

I've watched many videos of Britney performing live and it's official. The swagger is gone. I watched her (attempt to) work it out to "Freakshow" which is my favourite song on Blackout, and she did it no justice. The beat is a BANGER which needs hot, all out dancing. But of course, Britney just walked around the stage looking like she was heavily sedated.

I cannot believe she even went and mimed "Freakshow". She barely sings in the song. She just semi raps and recites. Yet, of course she mimed the whole entire thing. Stans can justify all they want, but it's not acceptable. Britney barely dances during the whole gig, yet she mimes every single line of every single song. At the very least, she didn't even re-record her vocals so they differed from the album versions. Some of the songs literally were just a case of the album version being played back. Only a few of the songs had different arrangements, and even then the acapella's were the same ol', same ol' fro the album versions.

Charging money to fans just so they can watch her walk around a stage and mime is wrong. You may as well just buy her CD's and watch her music videos.


  1. ::Sigh:: You need to get with it man; that was her first show (almost two months ago). Look at the last couple of shows: the shows in CA were particularly fantastic. I can dig up a lot more good clips, too.

    Check these out.
    RadarIf U Seek AmyAnd there are in fact rerecorded vocals for several of the songs, as well as the live band playing; there isn't one song that isn't reworked at least a little bit. I'm gonna defend this until the end, I tell ya.

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  3. Britney Spears has little talent. The girl CAN'T sing. At all. It's maddening that people like this are able to make millions just because hot beats and good producers are handed to them.

    I don't care what any of her fans say, "dancing" to these songs while not even attempting to try them live is a complete joke. I don't want to hear this "She can't sing while she's dancing..." crap, she can't sing anyway! That's not an excuse. It's not as if she's MJ and up there truly breaking it down and out of breath.

  4. The vocals did not sound re-recorded in those tracks to me. It sounds like all they did for "If U seek Amy" was mute the backing vocals and raise the levels on Britney's main vocals so you can actually hear her and not the 5 other people who contributed vocals to the song. And as for "Radar", I can hear Candice Nelson more than I can hear Britney.

    Try and justify the miming to me Jordan. Please. Just try. I watched a video of her performing "Everytime" and she just sat her arse on an umbrella and mimed the WHOLE song. The WHOLE...damn...thing. She wasn't dancing, she wasn't even moving. Yet for some reason she wasn't able to sing even a word of the song live. What excuse are we going to go for this time: She had a throat infection? No. She shouldn't be miming. Full stop. If she can't sing at least one song live whilst sat perfectly still, and she can't bother to actually dance - then she shouldn't bother touring.

    I admire your love for Britney. Truly, I do. She's lucky to have fans like you Jordan; along with all those who pay to see her. Because I wouldn't pay to watch nobody mime their way through 2 hour's worth of songs and just walk around a couple of stages flicking their weave after every chorus.

    Damn right her tour is a damn 'Circus'. It's a joke!

  5. There's a thin line between fanatical, blind,Britney fan, and me, but I do what is acceptable and not. I know that she shouldn't lip synch, or at least TRY to sing something (anything) live, but for some unknown reason, it doesn't irk me at all. It's just her thing.

    Britney has been, and always will be about the show, the sexy, the dancing, etc. The vocals and actual involvement are minimal, and everyone knows it. But there aren't even many professionals that'll criticize her for that. Like I said, it's just her thing.

    What I don't understand is how people can crucify her now for having "no talent" and being a rubbish performer when she is who she is. What was she famous for in the first place? If she never had any talent, can't sing, etc, then how did she become the phenomenon she became a decade ago - how is she still around now? I'll admit, I wasn't even a fan until 'Slave 4 U', and it was because of a hot video, and the Neptunes production. But there was something there, a spark, a twinkle in 'er eye, and it kept me a fan since.

    I can't, and won't defend 'Everytime', as it makes no since to me either. And Junlee, you know that Michael Jackson is gonna be lip synching like a mother fucker come his tour this summer; That doesn't make me any less of a fan, but I would be SHOCKED if he sang anything live.

  6. If she never had any talent, can't sing, etc, then how did she become the phenomenon she became a decade ago - how is she still around now?The same reason people like T-Pain and Akon are so popular. People seem to gravitate towards hot beats and sound instead of actual talent. Britney used to be a pretty good dancer and performer, I'll give her that. Not anymore.

    And of course MJ will be lip-syncing this summer. I would be shocked if he actually sang. One, the man is 50 years old and doesn't have the live voice he used to have. My main question with him will be whether he's still got it dance wise. But MJ always had a good excuse for lip-syncing when he started to back in the 90s. He was literally putting on a non-stop, always moving and dancing SHOW. You can't say the same for Britney when all she's doing is walking around behind hot looking SETS.

  7. Maybe I'm being unfair to Britney and her fans out there, but that's how I truly feel. When she sings, she sounds like she's holding her nose closed with her fingers. She used to be a good performer, but she's clearly lost, as J says, that "swagger". Maybe she'll get it back, maybe she won't.

  8. *LMAO!!!!* @ "And Junlee, you know that Michael Jackson is gonna be lip synching like a mother fucker come his tour this summer"Britney's never been a live singer. EVER! Back when she was in her performance prime, you could at least argue: well, she is going all out with the routines, moving around and the bitch is really putting on a show. So you let the lip syncing slide because her on-stage performance game was tight and entertaining. But now, there's no excuse for it. She's not putting on much of a show and she's barely moving. So there's no excuse for the miming. NONE at all. Even with the 'dancing' she does do, she could sing live and not have it waver her vocals that much. It's not like any of the songs from 'Blackout' or 'Circus' require a great deal of singing anyway. I could sing half of her songs whilst running on a treadmill and still sound decent. Surely Britney could handle singing a song without going off key whilst she walks around a stage. If she can't, then that's a problem.

    Aside from that, you have to think - she's been in the game 10 years and this is the best she can do right now!? Her opening acts are putting on better shows than her! That's not good.

    Britney's music is hot. I can't front. I stay bumping tracks from 'Blackout' and 'Circus' on a regular basis, and "I'm a slave 4 U" will always get love from me. I'm a sucker for anything with hot production and a catchy hook. But as far a being a performer goes, Britney's a mess right now. She was NOT ready to tour and put on the show that people want from her. Britney's on stage performances are no better than the likes of The Forehead's. Shoot, at least The Forehead sings live!

    I'm hoping for her sake, she'll be able to look back on this tour, see what a f**kery it was and realize she needs to be swaggin' how she did in the day.

  9. Alright J, alright, I give. I wanna end this amicably, and I thank you for giving a good arguement; an arguement that I could continue, but a good one!

    But, Junlee, don't be bringing T-Pain and Akon into this. Britney and Micheal, both of them can be reasonably compared; those other two shouldn't even be mentioned in the same conversation as B or MJ. Both Micheal and Britney both at one point held an immense amount of talent and power in the pop music genre, and acheived their fame and relative staying power because of it.

    I gotta give it up for T-Pain managing to remain relevant this long. Akon just gives me the heeby jeebies though...

  10. I can stomach the swamp thing (aka T-Pain) in song writing, producing and guest featuring capacity. Because he does bring hotness to some songs. But as an artist on his lonesome, I don't have much time for him.

    He did the damn thing on Britney's "Hot as ice". It's a shame that wasn't a single, because that was such a JAM! Really cool and quirky, with a cool kiss off style.

  11. I'm sorry Jordan, but it makes me cringe that you include MJ and Britney in the same breath. Britney used to be a good performer, but has never been a good singer. That doesn't qualify somebody to have an "immense" amount of talent. MJ, on the other had, has/had one of the best voices ever in terms of his range, and his ability to sing various types of music. And on top of that, he was one of the greatest performers and dancers of all time. I'll agree with you on the whole "power in the pop music genre" regarding Britney, but I don't think that's necessarily a good thing.

    We're just going to have to agree to disagree Jordan, and I'm glad you haven't gotten too offended by my snappy critique of Britney as I'm positive a lot of other fans could have. :)


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