Cassie in the flesh

Cassie (in the flesh!)Somebody hacked into Kneepads' (aka Cassie) computer and leaked images of her little fried egg titties and her worn out p***y. Pigs can fly and Cassie is also a genuine talent. LIES!!

Who in their right mind would keep nude pictures of themselves on their computer or their phone in this day and age!? So many celebs have had pictures 'leak' because somebody hacked into their computer or their Sidekick. Home girl needs to try again with the "Somebody hacked my computer" excuse. We all know you and your f**k buddy n***a Diddy orchestrated this whole damn thing because none of your songs since "Long way to go" have said 'Boo!'

These nude pictures cement what Cassie should do as a career: pose for Playboy. That's all the bitch is good for, and one could even question that.

I feel like I know Cassie real well now. Let's run down how well we know Cassie and what we've gathered from her shenanigans and music thus far. We know that...
  • Cassie likes to suck dick based on the lyrics of "Me & U"
  • She had to have bounced in Ryan Leslie's lap for beats for her debut album.
  • She must have guzzled on P. Diddy's piece to not drop her.
  • Cassie shaves.
  • It's highly likely she guzzled L.A Reid to give her "Official girl" after Karina recorded it.
  • She had to have guzzled Lil' Wayne to hop on "Official girl".
  • The bitch is stupid by shaving off the side of her head.
  • Cassie has some alright titties.
  • P. Diddy and Ryan Leslie have enjoyed the view Cassie has now graced us with.
  • Cassie's organs are in good order, because we can see them all from here.
It's ironic how P. Diddy booted Aubrey out of Danity Kane over her scandalous image (probably the one of the reasons he put her in the group for in the first place), yet this shit with Cassie is okay in his books. Clearly Kneepads gives better head and puts out more regular.

Next up, a YouTube video blog of her having a smear test at her gynaecologist, followed by a new single called "I give good love".


  1. That's disgusting, I can't believe she has a picture of herself like that.

    Whoever likes this, is just a perv

  2. lol love the lil diddies hiding her modesty. There are more Cassie pics plus the new naked shots Rihanna. If Diddy released these for Cassie publicity, Chris Brown probably released Rihanna's to dent the poor victim shield she's been hiding behind...

  3. I saw these Pictures and thought directly to you random j


    I wanted to know sooo bad your thoughts about it..LMAOOO,

    Now i do :-D


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