Chrisette on Jimmy Fallon

Chrisette hit up Jimmy Fallon to give a performance of her latest single "Epiphany", taken from her album of the same name. If you were not up on this girl, you need to check this performance and get up on her...pronto!

What you just witnessed was Chrisette shitting on other bitches in the game. That performance couldn't have been any hotter. Chrisette sounded better on this song live than she does on the album version, and those who've heard the album version know she puts it DOWN on the album version. I love how The Roots backed her and hooked her up with the tightness, throwing some funk and even a bit of GoGo into the arrangement. I'm-a so rip this and slam it on the iPod.

Awesome performance. I honestly didn't know Chrisette had such stage swagger going on.


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