Jin Akanishi and Crystal Kay?

During one of KAT-TUN's tour stops, a song got played during what fans may have thought was an intermission. Turns out it was a solo song of Jin's, and it featured Crystal Kay...

I have no idea what the deal with this song is. It's cited as Akanishi Jin featuring Crystal Kay, yet it doesn't feature on KAT-TUN's latest album Break the records -by you & for you-. Hmmm... KAT-TUN have a shit load of songs that are performed; both as a unit and individually on tours and on the Shounen club that get no physical releases or have studio versions. I guess this is just one of many. But it'd be a shame for the song to go to waste like that. It's difficult to make out how the song sounds properly, but I liked what I could hear and Crystal outshines as she always does. I hope something comes of this. It looks like the song already has a video and everything.

I'm surprised Johnny let Jin do a song with anybody full stop, let alone a female artist. I know how Johnny's like to have their males seen to be single and have zero contact with women, including their own mothers and sisters.

I gotta give Jin credit. His solo songs are usually decent. He's one of the only members in KAT-TUN who has some form of substantial musical talent. I won't lie: I used to bump his song "Love juice".

Crystal has a bit of a history with KAT-TUN. She's appeared on their TV show Cartoon KAT-TUN a couple of times. On one appearance she got shoved by KAT-TUN's gayest looking member Ueda. And on another occasion she performed with them in what I can only describe as a competition to see who could butcher one anothers' songs the best.

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