Michael's already started somethin'

Michael Jackson has already pushed back some of his o2 residency dates. And I bet it won't be the first time. Michael has been diagnosed with having skin cancer  (is anybody really surprised!?) and therefore has pushed some of his dates back. Fans are outraged, and rightly so. Fans from all over the world have arranged to be in London for the gig and have had to make arrangements to accommodate that. Now they have to go through the hassle of making yet MORE arrangements. And there is always the possibility of Michael pushing dates back yet again...

Michael is still riding the crazy train. He wasn't generous to commit to such a mammoth amount of dates, he was stupid. He will die on this tour if he goes through with every date. I'll be pissed if he does. The whole time I'd be thinking "Damn!! I missed not only a Michael concert, but the one where he did the moonwalk, fell on his back and shattered into dust during "Leave me alone" like a vampire from Buffy as he hit the floor and died!

If the kiddy fiddling ex-n***a spent as much time on his career as he did his hair, shit would be different. Dude can be dragged through court, hang his baby out of a window in gale force winds, roll up in a wheelchair, have his nose fall off and still have the weave game in complete check. Michael needs to give bitches some tips on the hair, because he has the flyest hair in the game PERIOD. Beyoncé can keep her layered weaves and Sasha Fierce quiffs and beehives. Michael has her beat. I mean look at that hair! Even Pocahontas is turning in her grave wanting to know how Michael keeps his shit so slick and jet black. You'll never catch Michael slipping with the hair. NEVER!

Michael, e-mail me with what products to use. I want my shit to look like that when I'm 50 odd.


  1. Does he really have skin cancer, or is that just a rumor. I've been seeing conflicting reports about that.

    This post had me dyin' though! XD


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