NEWS and their blood type bullshit on Music station

NEWS have a new song out about love and blood types. Hot songwriters and producers could knock up a pretty cool, quirky and original song on the subject matter. But not Johnny and his bitches. NEWS hit up Music station to perform the song and it blows as hard as is humanely possible.

I cringed watching that. I can't believe a bunch of guys in their 20's are singing bullshit like this. Then again, they are Johnny bitches - so I shouldn't expect anything more. The song is bad. REALLY bad. NewS have released some shit in their time, but this is up there with "Happy birthday". If members of NEWS blew Johnny as hard as this song, they may have gotten better material. I also see NEWS are recycling the side to side foot swivel shit they did back in "Teppen" and then again for "Happy birthday".

The song is a joke. The routine is a joke. And some of the hairstyles within that group are a joke. What the hell kind of dye job is that Massu has!? He looks like he has a dead skunk on his head. And Yamashita is still rolling with that 80's perm that makes his head look big.

"Koi no ABO" didn't appear on NEWS last studio release Color. So chances are it's a one off song for an upcoming TV show starring a member of NEWS or an event of some sort. I wouldn't expect another album from NEWS so soon given their last effort was only released 6 months ago. Even by Johnny's standards that'd be excessive.


  1. My friend and I, both who are NEWS fans (I haven't enjoyed any of their music since weeeek) couldn't believe how crappy this song is! I mean, admittedly, it's Johnny's entertainment and I don't expect much to begin with, but damn! I hope NEWS can one day get better songs.

    But to be honest, this song is hot at karaoke. My friend and I put it at the top of our list when we go.


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