Paula just came for the music

That crazy bitch from American idol took to the stage to show people she's good at something other than mumbling incoherent rubbish, smiling, sitting with a sweated out head of clumped hair, and not so secretly wishing Simon would pull up to her bumper and drive it in between in his little white limousine.

That was actually a hot performance! A little hypocritical, given there is such an emphasis placed on Idol contestants being able to have a decent voice and sing live - yet one of the judges mimes her whole set and premiere's a song full of vocoding and auto tune. Paula's a mess for miming. But I can't hate on the theatrics of the performance, because it was very entertaining to watch from start to finish. Paula was pulling some moves and dare devil stunts on that stage that puts some of these younger bitches stage swag to shame!

The song is some trash though. Paula should've left that shit out for collection. It was just a complete bite of Indeep's "Last night a DJ saved my life", and not a good one. "Dance like there's no tomorrow" wasn't amazing, but I'd choose it over "(I'm just) Here for the music" any day of the week.


  1. Bitch went and re-recorded a 6 year old Kylie Minogue demo. For shame.


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